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Kevin Charles

Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Entertainer (1972-)


          Born October 16, 1972, in Galveston, Texas, Kevin Charles Patterson, known professionally as Kevin Charles, has been credited on 72 albums as a writer/composer, arranger, lyricist, vocalist, drummer, percussionist, guitarist, pianist, organist and/or bassist for a wide variety of musical genres including: rock, country, pop, jazz, R&B, swing, classical, funk, reggae, rap, hip hop, soul, blues, contemporary Christian and bluegrass. He has toured the world sharing the stage with such artists as: Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Maroon 5, Sheryl Crowe, Hootie and the Blowfish, Chris Tomlin, Israel Houghton, Snoop Dogg, The Temptations, Brian Setzer and Maynard Ferguson, to name a few.


Musical Beginnings

          Charles’ passion for music was evident from the very beginning as he began winning awards and receiving accolades for classical piano, jazz drumming and orchestral percussion by the age of 13 when he released his first studio album. Over the next ten years he would hone his musical chops and songwriting abilities whilst recording and touring as a drummer, keyboardist, guitarist and/or vocalist with several regional and national acts. 

          At age 22, Charles made his debut as a solo artist for Liberty Records with the 1994 release of, Pretty Girls, followed by the 1996 alternative rock release, Control, and 1998’s acoustic singer/songwriter release, Campfires. Several tracks from each album garnered attention from regional promoters and gained local radio play but it wasn’t until Charles mixed his passions for jazz and rock inspiring the creation of his first swing big band that his career transcended international borders. 

          Charles signed with All Star International for the release of his fourth studio album, Swoon, in 2000 and toured the world playing stadiums on five continents along with performing for the MWR (Moral, Warfare and Recreation) programs of the United States Military including headlining the Annual Navy Ball held in Japan. Longing for home prompted Charles to pivot in genre yet again leading to the release of his first country album, Trucker’s Choice, in 2002 on Choice Records. 

          After years of extensive touring, Charles took a sabbatical and moved from Austin, TX to Colorado Springs, CO to help open the Broadmoor Academy of Music jazz conservatory and to further his training as a Music Minister leading several large congregational churches including New Life Church Colorado Springs and Lakewood Church Houston. During this time he also released a Contemporary Christian album, Pure Praise Fury, in 2006.  


Back to Work

          In 2008 Charles’ second country album and seventh overall, Straight Lines of White, was released on Choice Records with rave reviews which took he and his team back out on the national touring circuit. Charles signed a long term deal with Paragon Records in 2010 granting free artistic license; however, Charles seems to have hit his writing stride as his first five albums with Paragon, Hammer Down (2010), All In (2012), Bandit (2014), Rolling Coal (2016) and A Million Miles (2018) have featured a predominantly pop country style with flashes of old country honky tonk and pop rock some have dubbed “twisted country.”

          In 2019 Charles was honored to be the headliner for President Donald Trump’s “MAGA” rallies where he once again electrified crowds exceeding well over 100,000 people. He currently lives in Houston, TX, records at Synergy Studios in Las Vegas, mixes and masters at Audio Arts in Las Vegas and sells songs to publishing companies in Nashville, New York and Los Angeles. Charles’ thirteenth album, Tooled Up, is scheduled to be released by years end.

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